To maintain high standards of publications, certain requirements are essential for contributors that their work should be an original contribution, not submitted /published elsewhere, and is plagiarism-free. We follow the Ethical Guidelines and Plagiarism Policy of Higher Education Commission [].

Acknowledgments: KER desires that Authors should acknowledge their sponsors and duly others’ work if used.

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Open access declaration by the author

The authors are required to submit a certificate that their work published in KER can be accessed, used by anyone subject to due citation without any prior permission from the Journal/Author.

Multiple submissions

KER does not allow many papers of an author in the same edition. If otherwise acceptable, one can publish only one paper as main and one as co-author in an edition. Other conditions apply.

HEC ethical guidelines for authors?

Heigher Education Commision Pakistan requires from all authors of papers to follow HEC's Ethical Guidelines available at HEC Website. Voilating HEC requirements may result in loss of incentives offered by HEC for recruitment, promotions, awards, and productivity allowances etc.