Determinants of Child Malnutrition: A Structural Modeling Approach for Pakistan


  • Shahnila Naz SACHET-Pakistan
  • Ahsan ul Haq Satti Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad
  • Mahmood Khalid


The study aims to determine the inter consistency between
determinant of child malnutrition in Pakistan using structural
equation model. For analysis the socio-economic data
pertaining to 3476 children under five years of age is taken
from Pakistan Demographic and Health survey 2012-13. The
determinants of child malnutrition are interrelated and complex.
The structural equation model shows that maternal (variables
pertaining to mother of child) factors are both directly and
indirectly affecting child malnutrition. Maternal factors affects
through biological (variables pertaining to child) factors and
then biological factors affect malnutrition status of the children.
So biological factors are playing a mediating role in child
malnutrition outcomes in the present study. Whereas
Environmental (variables pertaining to the surrounding
conditions in which child lives) factors can affect behavioral
(variables pertaining to the quality and type of care child
received) factors and then behavior affect child malnutrition
outcomes. But environmental factors are not directly affecting
child malnutrition