Scope & Coverage

KER accepts scholarly articles on all fields and sub-fields of economics. It particularly welcomes papers covering multidimensional economy using multi-disciplines. KER publishes insight papers, and thematic papers on selected themes see details below.

Topics Covered

Broadly, its publications can be grouped into the core, heterodox and emerging economics dealing with theory and empirical analysis and the topics covered are but not limited to;

  1. Core economics
    1. Economic Theory, Economic Development, Financial Liberalization, International Trade, Economies Policies, Poverty, Unemployment, growth, Labor Economics, Finance, Money, Banking, Finance, Political Economy
  2. Heterodox economics
      1. Evolutionary economics, Humanistic economics, Institutional economics, Islamic economics, Marxian economics, Political Economy, Post-Keynesian economics
  3. The emerging approaches and models for the local, national and global economy
      1. Ecological economics, Divine Economics, Real-world economics, Sharing economics, Social economics, Moral Economy


Education, Health, Environment, Globalization, CPEC, indigenous economics models and papers on in any important current context can get more space in KER.

Insight Papers

Generally, KER accepts papers with the rigor of analysis. However, insight papers are also published off and on to promote philosophical thoughts. It does not necessarily require rigors or econometric analysis. Such papers must have a strong potential of initiating a new debate or developing new models for local or national economies. 

Special Thematic Edition of KER

A special volume of thematic papers is also published off and on to publish papers on a particular theme of national need or academic importance. Any local or foreign scholar may join KER as guest editor of that particular thematic edition of KER.